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What Are the Top Marketing AI Use Cases? [Video]

Editor's Note: This is the second video in a series, created in collaboration with HubSpot.

Your job as a marketer is made up all the individual tasks you do do every day, and if you look closely at these activities, there are hundreds of valuable use cases for AI in marketing. Many of these use cases are ready for most organizations to begin exploring and piloting today. Yet, it can be difficult for marketers to effectively identify and prioritize use cases, so they can run successful pilot projects in their businesses.

So, how do you identify use cases for AI in marketing? How do you prioritize the right ones? And what can you do to get started with AI once you identify and prioritize those use cases?

To identify which use cases may be viable for AI, you want to look at three main things:

  • Is it data-driven, or should it …
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