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Were calling it early: The top social post of the year. [Video]

It might be the most popular Facebook post in New Zealand… ever.

When checking Zavy to see the most popular social posts by New Zealand brands of 2020, I expected an even spread of posts across the Social Scoreboard brands.

Instead, one post by McDonald’s dwarfed all the others in likes, shares and comments: a disembodied hand, reaching out of a green vortex with a chicken nugget.

The engagement levels were so dizzyingly high that we thought it must have been an error. But it wasn’t. The metrics are clear: McDonald’s scored the top social post of 2020 by a massive margin – and it didn’t have anything to do with the new Kiwiburger jingle. It had everything to do with Rick and Morty and Szechuan sauce.

Top ten posts of 2020:

1. McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce post:  56,422 likes, 44,882 comments, 127,678 shares, 226% shares/like ratio (now removed)

2. KFC: 8,074 likes, 11,3238 comments, 6,827 …

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