Website Design using HTML, CSS, Javascript & Jquery| Responsive Design| Web Development via Software [Video]

Website Design using HTML, CSS, Javascript & Jquery| Responsive Design| Web Development via Software

Title:- Create Responsive Ecommerce Website Design using HTML CSS & Javascript| Beginners Tutorial| NicePage| With Source Code

About Video: Dear Friends, In the session we learn how to create a website freely using free website template bulider design tool (NicePage Software). We trying to provide you web designing/develop course. In this session we focus on ecom landing page design.
In this Video we are going to learn layouts of how to give css box shadow, box sizing, border shadow, button styling, auto responsive slider (Colorful Gradient background), header design, footer design, flexbox design, button hover, css table, image border style and more hover effects. In which we can give css image hover effect like zoom in/out, fade, bounce etc.
At the end of the video we will export the code from NicePage. We can also give animation effects to all sections.
HTML CSS website code is available at the end of the description.

00:00:00-00:1:40:- Introduction
00:01:50-00:07:14:- Header Design
00:07:15-00:15:07:- Slider Design
00:15:08-00:21:20:- Categories Section Design
00:21:21-00:26:34:- Women’s Section Design
00:26:35-00:30:37:- Kid’s Section Design
00:30:39-00:34:05:- Men’s Section Design
00:34:08-00:34:50:- Brands Section Design
00:34:51-00:38:24:- Footer Design
00:38:26-01:00:21:- Make Responsive for all Devices
01:00:23-01:00:44:- Export Code

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Download Source Code:

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