[WATCH] Young dancer triumphs over 2020 adversity in Amazon Christmas ad [Video]

Christmas in the year of Covid – Amazon sets its tv campaign to Queen's 'The Show Must Go On'. Delightful, says Andy Rice.

Branding expert Andy Rice has picked Amazon as his advertising hero of the week.

The retail giant's TV Christmas campaign narrates the story of a talented young dancer preparing for a big performance.

Her expectations are dashed when the event is cancelled due to lockdown restrictions.

However, the ballerina's family and community succeed in helping to make her dreams come true in a slightly different way.

Have the tissues ready!

Having checked out various brands' Christmas ads in the year of Covid, Rice explains why Amazon nails it.

'The Show Must Go On' as a delightful, sentimental spot he says.

She obviously goes into massive gloom and despair, but as the Queen song used for the soundtrack says: The Show Must Go On.

Andy Rice, branding and advertising expert

And so it does… Her family and community …

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