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Walmart announces employee bonuses and extended leave, Warner Bros. to stream films with theatrical releases, and Southwest warns of 6,800 job cuts [Video]

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As many employees continue to work remotely and workforces are dispersed during COVID-19, holiday office parties are being canceled or turned into virtual gatherings—the latter of which is another obstacle for employee engagement during a time of Zoom fatigue.

Miller Lite is pouring out one for the cancelation of holiday work events, however, with its seasonal campaign:

The brand’s Twitter feed is littered with clips from its commercial, as well as polls, jokes and more appreciating the avoidance of any awkward workforce encounters after one too many cups of eggnog.

Here are today’s top stories:

Walmart announces $700M in employee bonuses

Roughly 1.5 million full- and part-time employees at Walmart and Sam’s Club will receive another bonus on Dec. 24—the fourth of its kind since the start of COVID-19.

We’re showing U.S. associates we appreciate all they’ve done for our customers, members and country in 2020 by paying cash bonuses for the fourth time this year – this time, …

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The ONLY VIDEO You Need To Find Your TRUE PURPOSE In Life [Video]

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