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Vlog: How To Repurpose Video Content For Social Media [Video]

Is video content part of your social media strategy? It should be. With our short attention spans and 5 million* pieces of content being thrown in front of us everyday, video marketing is a great way to cut through the noise on social media. Thing is, once you've spent a hefty sum on producing video for your brand, how do you make the most of your footage and make sure it's being amplified on social? The answer is simple: you need to repurpose video content for social media.

But what does that even mean?! We invited the experts at Doubleshot Video to help answer our pesky questions. And they did it in the form of a vlog. Fitting, eh? 

Video credit: produced by Doubleshot

Who knew there were so many excellent ways to repurpose your video content for social media?! Pure genius. If you've broken into a cold sweat just thinking about all the work which lies ahead …

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