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Video Marketing Part 4 – Content: Best Practices [Video]

Video Marketing Part 4 – Content: Best Practices

How do you attract your audience’s attention with engaging videos? Watch as my special guest, Kim Free, and I discuss best practices and tips & tricks that will have you confident to get started in video marketing!

Hi, I’m Michelle Andrishak, CMC, Founder & CEO, WOW! Women In Business & Leadership Inc., Certified Management Consultant & Certified Business Coach. I am passionate about helping women in business increase their productivity and profitability through power consulting, coaching, and entrepreneurial training.

My special guest is Kim Free. With a degree in Psychology, and years of elementary school teaching experience, Kim comes to us filled with passion for figuring out what makes people click that “like” button! She loves to think about what makes people react the way they do online, and she also loves sharing her expertise with others. She has been helping business owners get noticed online for over 10 years through her business, STGP – Small Town Girl Promotions.

In today’s episode of Coffee & Biz Chat, we discuss:

-How to ‘hook’ your audience right away
-How to talk without a script
-How you can take the “Sesame Street Challenge” when stumped for video content
-Tips to build the know, like and trust factor
-The difference between teaching and preaching
-What the macarena dance teaches us about how to show up in videos
-The importance of being brave in who you are
-What percentage of people watch videos without sound and what to do to keep them engaged

*Please note prices and offers that may be mentioned in this video are subject to change.*

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