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[VIDEO] DS Digital Marketing Spotlight: Wellspring Digital CMO Jon-Mikel Bailey on Humanizing Your Brand [Video]

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The Digital Summit Digital Marketing Spotlight is a weekly live Q&A with some of the leading experts in digital marketing, business, innovation, and more. The show is broadcast live to our Facebook page Wednesdays at 3pm ET.

Our guest for this episode of the Digital Marketing Spotlight is Jon-Mikel Bailey, Chief Development and Marketing Officer for Wellspring Digital and oft DS speaker.

Jon-Mikel has built an extensive career in marketing over the past 20+ years and especially has a passion these days for helping companies humanize their brands (especially in the current COVID-19 realities). He loves helping clients build stronger relationships with their customers and infusing a deeper sense of their values into all aspects of their brand and marketing.

JMB chatted with host Kip Edwardson (Digital Summit’s VP Marketing), covering those topics and more, including:

[00:50] JMB’s background and role at Wellspring Digital

[01:23] How agency business has changed during COVID

[03:23] Tactics for being flexible to retain client …

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