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[VIDEO] DS Digital Marketing Spotlight: Pop Marketer Joe Cox [Video]

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The Digital Summit Digital Marketing Spotlight is a weekly live Q&A with some of the leading experts in digital marketing, business, innovation, and more. The show is broadcast live to our Facebook page Wednesdays at 3pm ET.

Our guest for this episode of our Digital Marketing Spotlight is Joe Cox. who lives at the crossroads of brand marketing and popular culture, where he teaches brands the power of Pop-Marketing™. Joe makes ideas and content more potent in a new golden age of creativity.

Joe has been a regular speaker at Digital Summit events, and recently unveiled a new presentation – How To Get Pop-Culture Buzz on a Shoestring Budget – at our October DS at Home event, that was wildly popular with attendees. You can still catch him at Digital Summit at Home in November and December.

In this episode, Joe and Kip got their pop marketing groove on, chatting about:

[01:58] The origin story of his Pop Marketing practice

[05:13] Pivoting his passion professionally …

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