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[VIDEO] Content and Social Media Productivity Hacks and Pro Tips [Video]

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Back in 2019, when the world was normal, we hosted another successful Internet Summit event in Raleigh. One of our top-rated speakers from that event, Jennifer Watson of Agora Pulse, led a session focused on social media and productivity hacks.

In a previous life, Jennifer used to be a meteorologist and social media strategist at The Weather Channel. She got the chance to partner with Facebook and created close to 2000 live videos on the platform. Suffice to say, she knows what she’s talking about.

In her talk, she explains that it’s very important to your productivity to really understand what you want to accomplish:

  • Define success – What does it look like for you? What metrics do you need to know if you have achieved it. First step!
  • Do you audit your campaigns or just your channels? You have to do it to understand what’s working.

Another important aspect …

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