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Versioning with the Stripe Postman collection [Video]

Versioning with the Stripe Postman collection

Learn from about API versioning with the Stripe API using the Stripe Postman collection. You’ll also see the differences between some responses returned from the API for different versions and how they impact the shape of webhook notification payloads.

### Presenter

Dawn Lambeth – Developer Advocate at Stripe –

### Resources

Official documentation:
Postman collection:

### Table of contents

00:00 Intro
00:25 API versioning overview
01:09 Version naming
00:46 Version definitions
02:06 How API changes work with Stripe
03:00 Account versions
04:10 See the customer object with an older API version
05:30 Set the API version for all requests
07:27 Set the API version per request
03:50 See the same customer object with two API versions

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