VERIFY: How to tell if Amazon or a scammer emailed you [Video]

Out-of-the-blue emails are often an attempt to download malware to your computer and/or steal your personal information, according to the BBB.


How can you tell if an email is from a scammer?


One way is to hover on links to see their destination.


Better Business Bureau


Kelsey Coleman is the Director of Communications for the Better Business Bureau serving Washington, D.C. 

She said, “Every year around the holidays we see scammers getting trickier and trickier. In most cases, we see a phishing scam that comes in the form of an email. It can look like it's coming from Amazon, they're asking you either to verify a purchase, you know, change the shipping address, or change your personal information like you're your password, or they're wanting to change an address, they want you to change something and they're sending you an email, that email is asking you to …

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