“Vendors are Not Evil” with Chip Overstreet – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 133 [Video]

“Vendors are Not Evil” with Chip Overstreet – Honest Ecommerce Ep. 133

Chip Overstreet is the CEO of Spiceology, the fastest growing spices and blends company in the US, and a beloved brand with both consumers and chefs.

Just prior, Chip ran business development for Affirm, the market leader in the “buy now, pay later” consumer financing space. He started his career at Oracle, and ran his first company, RTIME, in the late 90s – RTIME was acquired by SONY in 2000 to enable the PlayStation 2 with online multiplayer gaming capabilities.

Chip spent most of his career helping small, emerging companies compete with the Goliaths and he takes great joy in doing so.

Overstreet graduated from Stanford with a BA in Economics and secured all of his graduate degrees from the “school of hard knocks”.

In This Conversation We Discuss:
[00:00] Intro
[01:16] From serving clients to being a client
[02:53] Passion and potential
[03:40] The strong foundation of Spiceology
[06:59] Ardent support on Chef’s Manifesto
[08:35] Partnering with influencers
[11:18] Content from consumers and partners
[13:09] Sponsor: Electric Eye
[13:30] Sponsor: Mesa
[14:23] Sponsor: Rewind
[14:58] Sponsor: Gorgias
[16:27] Sponsor: Klaviyo
[17:36] Chip’s advice for taking the next step
[18:58] Embracing your vendors
[20:36] The better vendors
[21:11] Talking about the customer’s perspective
[22:10] Having a strategy vs relying on hype
[23:13] Covid-19’s impact on Ecom
[26:46] The fall and rise again of food service
[27:51] Longing for the dining experience
[28:59] The growing consumer demand for everything
[29:47] Traditional spending vs Ecommerce
[31:44] Upcoming partnerships for Spiceology

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