Using the number 9 in your pricing #shorts #neatabtesting #shopify [Video]

Using the number 9 in your pricing #shorts #neatabtesting #shopify

Neat A/B Testing is the #1 Shopify App for A/B Testing

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Neat A/B Testing is the easiest way to get started with understanding what works best for you store. We switch your product attributes every 24 hours (or less if you choose to change the default option) between the original version and your test version. Visitors to your site will see the active version everywhere your product appears, all the way through checkout and their order emails.

Want to move elements around, change some colors, or try a whole new theme on your product page? We’ve got you covered. Make your changes to a theme copy, start your test and we’ll handle the rest.

Drive traffic to two different pages and split the traffic. You control how much you want to split the traffic. It can be anything from 50/50, 60/40, or whatever result you’d like.

Measure your tests performance with an easy and visual analytics dashboard that monitors your stores key metrics like impressions, add to carts, sales and more. Slice up the test for whatever part of the funnel you want to optimize for. We track the conversion funnel and report the statistics back to you.

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