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Using Google Search Console to Find & Fix Security Issues [Video]

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Google published a detailed explainer video that teaches site owners how to find and fix security issues with Search Console.

The video is another installment of Google’s Search Console Training video series on YouTube.

The video goes over:

  • The main types of security issues that may affect a website.
  • How to use Search Console to find the issues.
  • What to do after the errors have been corrected.

Security Issues Report in Search Console

The security issues report in Search Console alerts webmasters about malicious behavior on their websites.

A security issue involves a website being hacked or used in ways that could potentially harm a visitor or their device.

These are some of the main types of security issues reported in Search Console.

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Website Hacking

A hacker might inject malicious code into pages to redirect users to another site.

Another common website hack involves automatically creating pages with nonsensical sentences filled with keywords.

If you can’t see hacked content on the URLs provided in …

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