Using Amazon Affiliate Links on Pinterest tutorial [Video]

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This video describes the steps involved in posting Amazon Affiliate links on Pinterest.


  1. You are Straight to the point. I love this video. thx for Saving my time brother

  2. Do i have to pin for every product i have in my amazon affiliate to get traffic.

  3. My Pinterest pin does not let me add the amzn link ..

  4. So glad I found your vid. Short and sweet! 👍

  5. thank you for the video, however I am having trouble doing it that way because when I transfer the image to Pinterest along goes that address that I'm suppose to change, Pinterest wont let me change that address. Now what?

  6. I have built a MEGA Pinterest board set with 2 million views and 14K followers. I wanted to try affiliate selling on Amazon. I have the account setup and looked on Youtube for advice! This video was "far and away" better in …

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