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Understanding Target Audience and Analysis for Content Marketing [Video]

So now, we get to one of most critical (and misunderstood) aspects of content marketing: your audience. This Ann Handley quote is a great mindset for us to have when we think of our audience. “Will our audience thank us for the content that we are creating?

To be strong in our audience component, we need two things:

  • To intimately know who our audience is
  • And we need to know what their buyer journey looks like and what content they need at each stage of their journey

At the very core of content marketing, and what sets it apart from other marketing philosophies, is the intense focus on providing value to the people that your organization serves.

Creating useful content

When I think about who’s great at serving their audience, I think of a brand like REI. They were actually voted Content Marketer of the Year last year. The reason it resonates with me, whether it’s hunting or camping, I spend a …

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Aesthetics! In demand but not often understood, having a good designer work on your website or assets is essential for your company's success. What do you do when an inciting tweet takes you to a janky website? You click away ASAP. In this episode, host Christopher Tompkins sit's down with Natalie Sharma, a digital design consultant and the founder and creative director of Pixetal, to talk about how design and success go hand in hand. How much does a fully designed website cost? Do you own what a designer makes for you? These questions and more are answered in this episode! --- Connect with The Social Marketing Academy: --- Connect with Christopher Tompkins: --- Connect with Natalie Sharma and Pixetal here: --- The Social Marketing Academy is powered by The Go! Agency, a full-service marketing and sales agency based in Palm Harbor, Florida. To learn more about us check out the links below: