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Uncomfortably Sober Teardown Of The Infamous Drunk Cold Email | Drunk Cold Email by Jon Buchan [Video]

Uncomfortably Sober Teardown Of The Infamous Drunk Cold Email | Drunk Cold Email by Jon Buchan

Let’s talk about the infamous drunk cold email from Jon Buchan and tear it down.

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If you saw my interview with Jon Buchan, you know he has a different and strangely incompatible way of doing cold email that he says is just as effective. In today’s video, I want to look in-depth at his drunk cold email. What was he even talking about? What do I think about it as someone who’s sent millions of cold emails? And what do you think about it? We’re going to start the conversation. We’re going to look at this email, and we’re going to maybe see if we can improve it, cold email teardown style. Let’s jump into it today on the Alex Berman YouTube channel. Let’s go.

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Uncomfortably Sober Teardown Of The Infamous Drunk Cold Email | Drunk Cold Email by Jon Buchan

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In this electronic signature tutorial, I share how you can sign PDF documents online using Adobe Sign. This is an ideal tool for helping businesses shift online. As we move into a digital world it is important to shift in-person activities like signing documents to digital activities. In this video, I also show you how you can use Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign to request signatures from your clients as well as how to sign and edit any type of document online. Get started with Adobe Sign here for free (7 day free trial): Today we cover the following chapters in this electronic signature tutorial: 0:00 Intro 01:07 Getting started 02:12 Sign up (free trial) 02:31 Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Sign 04:46 Upload Documents 05:25 Request E-signature 11:39 Fill & Sign 13:48 Outro Are you interested in joining our small business community? Join us to receive actionable tips, tutorials and tools to grow your small business online (Subscribe to our email list) or join our exclusive community here: Let me know if you found this electronic signature tutorial helpful. Also, if you require any help or support, make sure to get in touch with us today. Thanks for watching and enjoy! #adobesign #esignature