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Types of content marketing explained (+ examples) [Video]

These content marketing formats are some of the most impactful. Here’s how using them can enhance your digital marketing strategy.

Kimberly Marshall

Evergreen Content Editor, 15+ Years of Publishing and Content Marketing Experience


This list of content marketing formats features some of the most effective mediums for guiding prospects to your site as they search online for goods and services. They can help your business gain more customers, leads, and sales.

They include:

  • Blogs: Written articles that share helpful information such as product comparisons and cost.
  • Videos: Visual media used to share explainer information, product information, and process how-tos.
  • Emails: Such as newsletters that keep prospective buyers engaged.
  • E-books: Long-form content that can help build your contact database.
  • Podcasts: Audio content your prospects can listen to rather than read.
  • Whitepapers: In-depth guides ideal for presenting solutions for complex issues.
  • Checklists: Succinct list of to-dos meant as an action guide.

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