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Two Changes at Google and How They Affect Your Procedure Pages [Video]

As Google strives to better understand exactly what a searcher may be looking for, the harder it can seem to achieve and maintain page one rankings within search results. In our latest blog, CEO Ryan Miller discusses two changes impacting how search result rankings appear on Google and what this may mean for you and the content on your website.

Follow along to learn how you can best optimize your website content for success within search results and what to expect from Google in the months to come.  

Video Transcription:

Hey everyone and welcome back, it’s Ryan Miller with Etna Interactive and we’re going to talk today about Google and two changes, one that’s already here and one that’s about to come, that may impact how you approach the writing for your procedure pages.

Now over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been in conversation with two of our newest clients, let’s …

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