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@TwitterAsians: “The Wuhan I Know” by Laura Gao | Twitter

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“Instead of only remembering my hometown as the ‘the place where COVID originated’, I want people to respect Wuhan as a city with beautiful history, culture, and people.”

Written, Illustrated & Narrated by Laura Gao, Twitter Product Manager
ECD: Donna Lamar
CD: Nathaniel Costa
Editor: Alisha Shimada
Animator: Kim Oldford
Asst Animator: Kaitlyn Joe
Producer: Tina Avanessian
Asst Producer: Shanti Reddy

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In this weeks Week in Review: Quibi shuts down just six months after launching, Google claims its seeing success from its sandbox experiments, and Snapchat sees growing revenues and user engagement. To receive an update on the industrys top stories every Friday, sign up to the weekly Video Round-Up.

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I’ve been following on various digital marketing brands for some time and noticed that their social media engagement doesn’t often look as good as it could. Quite often, it depends on the type and quality of content that they promote, but that’s not the only issue here. Today, when people’s expectations as consumers are through the roof, running a successful social media channel for […]