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Twitter offers permanent WFH, Kaiser Permanente uses esports to promote mental health, and how consumer behavior hinges on trust [Video]

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Hello, communicators:

Pedigree is offering what it promises to be “the best Zoom meeting you have all day” with its new campaign called “Zoom Dogs.” People can virtually meet shelter dogs, ask questions and adopt them online through participating shelters (currently, Pedigree is partnering with Nashville Humane Association):

The live video calls have also been posted to Pedigree’s Facebook page, attracting additional views and engagement:

The effort is a brilliant way to support trending consumer behaviors with online platforms (shelters across the United States have reported pet adoption booms during COVID-19). It’s also a CSR effort that ties to Pedigree’s brand and stands out from other community efforts. Think about ways you can offer a service or assistance in a similar fashion, to help your organization break through the noise.

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