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Twitter Fleets Are “Stories for Twitter” [Video]

After the success of the Stories format across Snapchat (that actually made them famous), Instagram, Facebook and even LinkedIn(?!), it seems that Twitter is also working on building a new Twitter story like feature called: Twitter Fleets, that will be similar to the other ephemeral types of content. 

So what’s different for the Twitter Fleets?

First of all, the name. Which is not Stories, but Fleets. A more appropriate name and also one that stands-out in the online. 

Unlike the tweets, the Twitter Fleets will not receive any likes, comments or retweets – meaning that they can only be viewed, but one can not interact with the content in any way. This is also a different feature than the rest of the Stories format around. A similitude is that they all disappear after exactly 24 hours they have been published. 

In order to watch someone’s Fleet, one must visit the profile they are interested in and tap to watch …

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