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Twisted George-Floyd themed school dance invite by Nevada student sparks outrage [Video]

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A Nevada school district is investigating a teenage girl who used the death of George Floyd as the theme for her Sadie Hawkins dance invitation. 

The student is seen in a now viral image, posing with a large handwritten poster bearing the message: 'If you went to SADIES w/me it would take my BREATH away!' 

The poster also included Floyd's name and a drawing of the man, who was killed in Minneapolis in May 2020 after police kneeled on his neck, cutting off his airways. 

The highschooler has not yet been identified. 

The image sparked outrage on social media with one Twitter user writing: 'How dare you joke about someone's death'.

'The white privilege in this picture is LOUD, girl c'mon,' another wrote on Instagram. 

Many have claimed to have identified the girl and urged people to contact her principal to complain about the 'disgusting image'.

'Let them know this is completely unacceptable and disciplinary action should be taken,' …

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