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Transform Images into Animated Video With Facebook’s Creation Kit

As the digital space continues to evolve, video has become more dominant than ever before. Attention spans are shorter, people expect to be entertained, and messaging must be communicated in a fascinating way. For businesses with limited time and budget, creating engaging video ads can be a daunting task. That was until Facebook’s Video Creation Kit hit the scene.

Now, anyone can transform static images into animated videos without any video experience or a graphic design team to rely on. After reading this step by step guide, you’ll be proud to call yourself a Facebook Video Creation Kit pro.

I will be using our podcast, Marketing O’Clock, for visual examples throughout this post.

The Complete Facebook Video Creation Kit Guide:

  • A. Locating Facebook’s Video Creation Kit
  • B. Choosing the Right Template
  • C. Customizing Your Video
  • D. Finishing Details
  • E. Creating a Slideshow

A. Locating Facebook’s Video Creation Kit

The Video Creation Kit is closer than you may realize. If you have a Facebook …

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