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Touch-Free Fueling: Fuel up at Texaco without leaving your car [Video]

Download the Texaco mobile app to get started!

Sponsored by Island Energy and Texaco in Hawaii

Touch-free fueling is now available at select Texaco gas stations! Now customers can use the Texaco mobile app to fuel-up without ever leaving their car. It’s a safe, secure, and convenient way to fill up with Texaco with Techron gasoline during these uncertain times.

Touch-free fueling is easy. Just head to a participating Texaco gas station and find the touch-free fueling lane. Then, put your car in park and turn off the engine and make your fuel purchase using the Texaco mobile app. A friendly staff member will pump your gas for you, giving you a safe, secure, and convenient experience. The touch-free fueling service is provided for free on behalf of Island Energy Services, the local company behind Texaco in Hawaii.

The Texaco Mobile App is available to download at the Apple or Android store. You can use the app to link Safeway fuel rewards and receive e-receipts. The …

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