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Top Marketing Campaign Fails And Scandals Of 2020 [Video]

Vanessa Mitchell is the Director of Content and Communications at AZK Media. In this piece, she runs over the biggest marketing fails and scandals of the year that’s been.

For the most part, brands have kept their heads down during 2020, knowing marketing efforts during a pandemic will fall flat unless they offer authentic, valuable help or information to consumers.

There have been a few notable exceptions however, from brands who certainly didn’t ‘read the room’ before ploughing ahead with their campaigns.

We get it, months of planning go into a marketing campaign, and it’s a big call to yank it before it even runs when you’ve spent all that money.

However, as the below brands found out, running a tone deaf campaign in a pandemic year can end up harming your brand and undoing all the loyalty you’ve carefully cultivated over the years.

Edelman’s Trust Barometer report this year found 71 per cent of people said if a brand is perceived …

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