Top End Wedding Movie Review: This Amazon Prime Video Film is Fluff Bluff

Rating: * ½ (one and a half stars)

This Australian rom-com about an aboriginal Australian woman Lauren (Miranda Tapsell) who travels home with her boyfriend for their wedding, only to realize her mother has run away, is so short of real laughs and so self-consciously culturalist, it is like a showcase for aboriginal wedding traditions and rituals stretched unnecessarily into a conventional rom-com. The writing is so puerile it conveyed the daftness of the first draft. Eager to pile on the crises, the hero loses his job, the heroine decides to rush their wedding and they discover her Mom missing when they reach home, all within the first half-hour. The rest of the film meanders like a directionless travelogue, taking in the sights and sounds of Darwin in Australia with a vigour clearly lacking in the main plot.

Top End Wedding

Somewhere towards the finale, it is infuriatingly predictable to see the couple halt their touristic travel plans to bicker over a non-issue. There is a forced estrangement …

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