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Top 9 Marketing Strategies For Small Business In 2021 [Video]

Top 9 Marketing Strategies for Small Business

As a small business or an individual looking to create one, you probably dream of someday being a massive player in your field, throwing around fancy numbers and getting mentioned in Forbes or some high profile magazine. 

That’s a noble dream and all, but you’re still very much stuck in reality at the moment.

And here’s your reality; you’re still a small business, which most likely means you don’t have a considerable capital to splash on advertising and build growth, and as such your best chance at expanding your business and acquiring more customers lies in these top 9 marketing strategies that have been proven to work for small businesses like yours over time.

Some of these strategies are long term plans that might take some time to deliver great ROI; some might generate instant results. 

Some are so simple you might smack yourself in the head for having not …

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