Video Content Marketing

Top 4 Ideas to Better Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy [Video]

For years now, we’ve been seeing every reputable marketing outlet touting video as the next best thing in marketing, regardless of your industry or niche. And with 85% of consumers wanting to see more video from brands, the creation of video content is unlikely to slow down any time soon. 

The problem for many business owners (and marketers) is that video marketing has a pretty high barrier for entry. Creating videos is neither quick nor cheap and deciding on the type of format, let alone the content can be very difficult.

Here are some great starting points if you’re wondering where to get started with marketing videos.

#1. Explainer videos as a necessity

Everyone who’s been in marketing can tell you about the value of landing pages. A customer needs to know what they’re buying and the copy you write is the deciding factor in whether they buy or not. However, attention spans are decreasing in general and a …

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