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– Top 10 Twitter Advertising Tips [Video]

– Top 10 Twitter Advertising Tips


Tips one and two:
OrganikSoft. (2020, February 6). 10 Twitter Marketing Tips for the Best Practices in 2020 – OrganicSoft INC. OrganikSoft |.

Tips three and four:
Patel, N. (2020, June 25). 12 Dicas Poderosas de Marketing para Usar no Twitter. Neil Patel.

Tips five and six:
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Tip seven:
Twitter for Business: 10 Twitter Marketing Tips & Tricks That Actually Work. (2019, February 11). Unamo Blog.

Tips eight, nine, and ten:
Sprout Social. (2021, June 11). Twitter Marketing: The Only Guide You Need to Succeed.

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Back to School with Canva Print [Video]

#Canva #CanvaSpace #CanvaWebinarsFrom classroom theming kits to worksheet templates, labels, activities and more, you can print and design it all in Canva. Join Caroline in this webinar to learn how you can create from scratch or start inspired with Canva's templates for your flyers, posters, daily agendas and certificates, then print them through Canva so you're perfectly ready for the new term.👍 Enjoyed this video? Hit the "Like" button to see more in your feed.🔔 Subscribe so you never miss our new videos:💡 WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Gain awareness of the educational resources you can print through CanvaHow to design and have your designs delivered to your door or classroomTips and tricks to find the best educational templates and design elementsHow to access your 20% educator print discountRESOURCESSIGN UP to Canva for Education: Tutorials on how to set up your virtual classroom with Canva for Education _______________CANVA SPACE WEBINARSCanva Space is a hub for learning and creativity. On YouTube we bring you all our webinar recordings so you can replay the sessions delivered by our talented Canva experts from the comfort of your home. To make it easy for you, we’ve segmented our webinars into different playlists: ⛏ WEBINAR PLAYLISTS FOR YOU TO KEEP LEARNING: Canva for Education | Webinars: Creating Presentations with Canva | Webinars: Graphic Design with Canva | Webinars: Making Videos with Canva | Webinars: Canva for Mobile | Webinars: Branding and Marketing with Canva | Webinars: Canva for Nonprofits | Webinars: Canva for Work | Webinars:✍️ Register to attend our Canva Space Webinars live at _______________😎 IN THE MOOD FOR SHORTER VIDEOS? TRY THESE: Discover short Canva Tips & Tricks: Try our "Canva for Beginners" Free Course: Check out our Canva step-by-step tutorials: Learn from our brand ambassadors, the Canva Certified Creatives (CCCs): Canva:Canva is the world’s most inclusive design platform that lets anyone design anything and publish anywhere. Canva can help you express ideas, unleash your creativity and achieve your goals. Available in 100 languages and on any device, start with one of Canva’s 75,000 templates and see where your creativity takes you.❤️ Try Canva now for free: designing ✨#Canva #CanvaSpace #CanvaWebinars

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