Toilet paper brawls and anti-virus active wear: Memorable 2020 moments [Video]

From panic-buying and purchase limits on essential items to lockdowns, social distancing and the eCommerce boom, 2020 was a wild ride for shoppers.

As Australia waits for the coronavirus vaccine and the retail industry gears up for the summer sale season, let’s take a look back on some of the memorable consumer moments of the past year.

Toilet paper panic-buying turns physical

Panic-buying and hoarding of toilet paper and other essential items swept the nation at the beginning of the pandemic.

Shoppers stocked up on rolls and rolls of toilet paper, pasta and canned foods, and supermarkets couldn’t keep up.

Empty shelves at a Coles in Adelaide early in March. Photo: AAP

Prime Minister Scott Morrison was even forced to weigh in, telling Australians to “stop hoarding … stop it”.

Ugly scenes of customers battling it out over toilet paper went viral, and some resulted in criminal charges.

When your usual grocery shopping @woolworthsturns into a toilet paper fight in the supermarket …

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