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Tim Williams from Onalytica on Optimizing B2B Influencer Experiences [Video]

In this final 13th episode of Inside Influence where I talk with B2B marketing insiders about what’s working and what’s not in the world of influencer marketing, our perspective has shifted from B2B brands to the influencers themselves.

At TopRank Marketing, we conducted the first in-depth research into B2B influencer marketing which inspired this series and Onalytica recently conducted the first research study of B2B influencers to better understand influencer marketing from their perspective.

Any B2B marketer that wants a complete picture for success with B2B influencer marketing going into 2021 and beyond will benefit greatly from both reports:

To drill down into the insights around the Onalytica report, I talked with Tim Williams, CEO. We covered:

  • About Onalytica as a B2B influencer marketing platform
  • Tim’s role as CEO at Onalytica
  • The current state of B2B influencer marketing
  • The impact of COVID-19 on B2B …
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Live Affiliate Hangout 4.17.21 Affiliate Marketing Dude [Video]

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Engagement, Ideal Clients, and Hashtags | Ask Me Anything [Video]

This is it! Our weekly conversation about all things branding and marketing. On deck is conversations about: Engagement, Ideal Clients, and Hashtags. I’m also answering LIVE questions, so let’s get this party started!00:00 Hello + Welcome01:25 Get Followers to Ask Questions02:41 Not All Questions Are Equal03:48 How To Model Questions04:44 How To Pick Content for Ads05:54 Ad Strategy Objectives07:15 Can You Target Multiple Ideal Clients?07:52 Speak to One10:40 Should Your Profile Picture Be You?13:01 Direct Messages Lead to Growth15:14 A Relevant Hashtag Strategy18:26 Engaging with Ideal Clients19:41 Should You Add Hashtags to Old Posts20:40 If You’re Tired and Overwhelmed23:30 Change Your Belief System25:40 Rethink The Way You Spend Time27:10 Final Thoughts