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Tim Pope directs video for new track by Tim Burgess [Video]

The new video marks the first time that the two Tims have worked together, after they joined up in the summer for one of Burgess’ much-loved Twitter Listening Parties, where Pope talked through some of his videos for artists including David Bowie, The The, Iggy Pop, and, of course, long-term collaborators The Cure.

Alongside keeping the nation going via the Listening Parties over lockdown, Burgess released new album I Love The New Sky. The Ascent of the Ascended features on a follow up EP, which is out in November.

Below, Burgess and Pope talk about making the video – which features Burgess flying a glider in full angel regalia – and also reflect on the state of both music videos and the wider music industry today.

Creative Review: How did the video come about? Have you worked together on videos before?
Tim Pope: No, I never worked with Tim before, …

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