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TikTok Videos That Grow a Following: The Formula for Success [Video]

TikTok Videos That Grow a Following: The Formula for Success

Want to create TikTok videos for your business? Looking for an easy-to-follow tutorial?

TikTok expert Keenya Kelly shares how to easily make TikTok videos that grow a following.

You’ll learn Keenya’s process for recording, publishing, and optimizing TikTok videos from start to finish.

Find out how to choose the right hashtags, how to set a cover thumbnail and a text cover overlay, and more.

Finally, you’ll discover a hack to republish successful videos from your profile.

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Recording Process
01:20 Writing a Captivating Caption
01:45 TikTok Hashtag Strategy
02:46 Creating a Cover Image
03:14 Publishing TikTok Drafts
03:43 When Should You Publish TikTok Videos?
04:20 TikTok Hack for Slow Days

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