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Threepipe Reply launches Creative Decay tool for improved social media and creative investment planning [Video]

Brand performance agency Threepipe Reply has launched a Facebook and Instagram campaign planning tool that enables brands to gain valuable insights as to the correct media and creative investments to hit performance KPIs.

Creative assets used for prospecting or retargeting strategies become less effective or ‘wear out’ over time, resulting in lower performance results.

This tool allows brands to better understand how quickly creative assets will begin to lose effectiveness, depending on existing media spend, audience targeting and creative asset variables.

Threepipe’s Creative Decay tool uses historical performance data from a brand’s own social channels, combined with predictive analytics to recommend alternative media and creative strategies to deliver performance uplifts.

The tool demonstrates different performance outcomes, dependent on relative investment between media and creative asset development, and the number and frequency of creative asset placements over a campaign period.

The Creative Decay tool considers the cost of creative asset development …

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