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This Song Will Make You DREAM BIGGER (Imagine by Fearless Motivation) Videos [Video]

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“You probably got a dream, do you?
Thinking bout it non stop? no one believes in you? Everybody tryna tell you that you can’t do something
And you feel goosebumps going straight through you.

Just imagine all that can happen if you just say yes to yourself
One can live a happy life but only if it is built by himself

Imagine living …

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Empathetic Marketing with Guest Janet Mesh 12/02 by Women Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire [Video]

Join the Brain Lady as she talks with Janet Mesh, founder of Aimtel, on the intriguing topic of empathetic marketing. Janet has built her wildly successful online marketing agency by focusing on one key element: empathetic marketing. To market empathetically means to be your consumer; to put yourself as the marketer, in the bodies of your target audience to experience, think and feel how they would. Empathetic marketing is all about true connection. Make sure to check out Janet's complimentary gift for our listeners: Connect with Janet and Aimtal: Online: Linkedin: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Are you a female entrepreneur who would like to join our amazing group of ladies and be featured on the Women Entrepreneurs Extraordinaire show? Reach out to our group liaison Kelli Cooper at to apply. Or are you an expert in your field and would like to be one of our Expert Member Resources? Then reach out to Julie Anderson for more information at Join our Facebook group and like the page to stay connected with all the exciting announcements and the incredible women in our group. Page: Group: