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This $130 Video Desk Setup Rocks! [Video]

This $130 Video Desk Setup Rocks!

A Crazy desk rig that mounts your camera, microphone and lights on one stand! Perfect for live streaming, Youtube videos, video meetings and more! Buy here on Amazon (PAID LINK):

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🛒 Viozon Desk Studio WITH ROLLING STAND on Amazon (PAID LINK):

🛒 Rode VideoMicro
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🛒 Movo VXR10 Microphone on Amazon (PAID LINK):

🛒 Falcon Eyes 12T on Amazon (PAID LINK):

🛒 Spigot Stand Adapter on Amazon (PAID LINK):

🛒 Mini Light Stands on Amazon (PAID LINK):

🛒 Aputure MC Light
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0:00 Introduction
0:32 Installation and Parts
1:17 Stock Setup
2:13 Audio Setup
3:32 Camera Setup
3:53 Lighting Setup
8:49 Conclusion

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