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The WIR: Discovery Announces a New Streaming Service, Facebook News to Arrive in UK in January, and GroupM Releases Much Improved Forecast for 2020 [Video]

In this week’s Week in Review: Discovery announces ‘Discovery+’, Facebook brings its News service to the UK, and GroupM forecasts a 4.4 percent retraction in UK ad market for 2020. To receive an update on the industry’s top stories every Friday, sign up to the weekly Video Round-Up.

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Discovery Announces New ‘Discovery+’ Streaming Service
International broadcaster Discovery announced plans to launch a new streaming service in the US, unsurprisingly called ‘Discovery+’, which will host content from all Discovery owned channels.

Discovery already runs a streaming service under the Discovery+ brand in the UK, having rebranded from ‘dplay’ last month. But in the US, the broadcaster has previously stuck to offering a variety of individual niche thematic subscription services.

Now however, Discovery is following the path taken by rival broadcasters like NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia, collating all content under one broad service. Discovery+ will have both an ad-free subscription tier and a cheaper ad-supported tier.

Facebook News to Expand …


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