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The Ultimate Guide to Retargeting for Profits [Video]

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A guide geared to help you master retargeting and grow your sales online.

Have you ever visited and website to look at a product or service and then seemingly ever website you visit after somehow that product or service follows you around?

Kinda creepy right?

When that helicopter tour you checked out or that pair of shoes that caught your eye suddenly appears on just about every website and social media platform, marketers refer to that as “retargeting.” While it might seem a little eerie, Retargeting is highly-profitable and relatively easy to set up.

You Have to Touch Your Customers More Than Once

Most customers don’t buy on the 1st “touch.” When we say touch, that refers to the top of the funnel awareness stage.


There’s a marketing rule called “The Rule of 7.” The Rule of 7 states that you typically have to “touch” a customer with some sort of communication seven times before they commit to buying. Today, some experts …

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Events: Facebook series #FunLaban, catch Wil Dasovich, Drew and Iya Arellano, Erwan Heussaff and more in a 2-day virtual event [Video]

MANILA, PHILIPPINES Facebook is bringing together inspiring celebrities and content creators for #FunLabana 2-day virtual event to help motivate you to keep fighting the good fight as we navigate the new normal. A play on the words fun and laban, the video series on Facebook Watch highlights Filipino values of being high-spirited and fierce even in the face of adversity and challenges.