The restaurant Alibaba technology has completely replaced waiters Technology News World [Video]

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The restaurant of Alibaba in Shanghai is one of the most technologically advanced restaurants in the world. Robots don’t cook anything there, as in some coffee shops. They perform only the work which man cannot do better. This place is really unique, and it gives a completely new impression of the restaurant. Immerse yourself in the virtual tour, which was organized by our colleagues from Business Insider.

Restaurant fresh seafood Robot.He is in the shopping center Alibaba called Hema. At the entrance you will be greeted by the administrator who conducts a large touch screen to choose a free table. You can select the number of seats at the table and good location.

After choosing a table, you need to scan the QR code in the smartphone app. So employees of the restaurant will know at which table you will eat.

Now is the time to go to the supermarket …

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