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The next normal – The recovery will be digital [Video]

Serial entrepreneur, business leader, feature speaker, and contributor. Isabella is the Operations Director at the New York Marketing Association where visionaries and thought leaders worldwide come together to seek the core foundation of great marketing. Isabella is also the COO at the Creative House, an 11-year-old creative digital company that offers dynamic solutions to help businesses unlock growth in a world of change through creativity, science, data, and technology. Isabella cares deeply about supporting ambitious individuals and businesses through strategic thinking, thought leadership, and resource sharing. She successfully built and runs several largest business communities and enjoys sharing her thoughts on digitalization through publishing and speaking.

Tsunamis wipe out things quietly and quickly without giving you time to prepare and react. This is exactly how the year 2020 showed us – the overnight change. Throughout history, the most important lessons emerge from the worst humanitarian challenges. Understanding the development of …

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