The Move to Ecommerce: How Retailers Can Adapt During a Crisis

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Ecommerce is an undeniably powerful opportunity for retail stores to increase sales and reach new customers. And, in 2020 and beyond, it will continue to become an increasingly popular shopping choice for many consumers. 

In fact, Statista predicts that ecommerce revenue will surpass $638 billion in the U.S. by 2022.

And, in 2020, amidst the global crisis, ecommerce is fast becoming the go-to model for keeping retail businesses afloat.

Brands that have adopted ecommerce are seeing success, particularly since most shoppers are staying at home.

But, for companies considering how to shift into ecommerce, such a drastic shift can feel like a challenge.

To ease the burden on retailers, we share eight steps you should follow when implementing an ecommerce project management plan.

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1. Pick-up and Delivery Services

Due to the current global conditions, consumers have been staying indoors — and, as a result, they have become accustomed to doing most activities from their homes, including shopping.

Retail has been directly impacted by this change …

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