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The Miracle Of Findability – Overdrive Interactive [Video]

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Brand Embrace Embodies Findability

Overdrive Interactive developed the concept of the Brand Embrace five years ago which today is known by professionals in the digital marketing industry as Findability.

The Brand Embrace and executing good Findability across search, social media, and your online properties ensure that your business is present at critical touch-points throughout the discovery and decision-making process of the buyer.

Findability also serves in extending the lifetime value of your customer throughout your relationship.

Findability refers to a brand’s online presence and performance in search, social media, and website/apps.

Websites and apps should have great information architecture, user experience, breadth, and depth of usable and reliably found information.

“A well-executed Brand Embrace strategy turns prospects into customers, customers into brand loyalists, and loyalists into advocates.”

Ensuring your findability is better than your competition’s is the difference between success and failure online!

Great findability: key to conversion when a user is in the moment

Your potential customer …

Online Marketing

Lead Generation Digital Marketing Agency - First Impressions Are Everything On The Web [Video]

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Online Marketing

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