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The Marketing Book Podcast: “Outbounding” by Skip Miller [Video]

About the Author

Skip Miller is the founder and president of M3 Learning, a sales and sales management training company based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Skip has trained hundreds of companies in 38 countries. His clients read like a who's who in technology including companies like Zoom, Apple, and Google. Outbounding is his seventh book

And, interesting fact – Skip learned the hard way that being unprepared for cold-calling is a surefire way to lose your job when he started his career in sales and quit after only one day on the job!

About the Book

Too many companies have let their salespeople devolve into an order-taking, customer “farming” team where the focus is on following up on inbound leads or just trying to upsell current customers. Outbounding shows them how to power up the sales function with proven strategies that deliver breakthrough results.

Many sales organizations have fallen into an overreliance on inbound lead generation.

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