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The Instagram Algorithm In 2021 || What you NEED TO KNOW so you can work WITH the algorithm [Video]

The Instagram Algorithm In 2021 || What you NEED TO KNOW so you can work WITH the algorithm

The almighty Instagram Algorithm…In this video, you’ll learn what you actually need to know about the Instagram Algorithm update this year (2021) so that you can better understand the Instagram Algorithm and work WITH it instead of against it. This Instagram algorithm breakdown will teach you how the Instagram Algorithm actually works.

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0:00-0:29 Intro
0:29-0:50 Shoutouts
0:50-1:24 Overview: What you can expect to learn after watching this video
1:24-2:11 How often does the algorithm actually change?
2:11-2:57 Types of Data that can affect the algorithm
2:57-3:20 How can you grow on Instagram WITH the algorithm?
3:20-4:19 What sort of content does the Instagram algorithm LIKE?
4:19-5:20 Why providing “value” on Instagram helps boost the algorithm
5:20-6:33 Support videos Sponsor
6:33-7:38 How having a “target audience” helps you get discovered on ‘Search and Explore’ on Instagram
7:38-8:25 Make sure your content can be “categorized” by Instagram
8:25-9:37 What to do when you engagement tanks on Instagram
9:37-10:13 How I gained 50,000 followers in 6 months

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