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The Importance Of Translating Marketing Messages In 2021 [Video]

The Importance of Translating Marketing Messages

Translating marketing content should be consistently a part of a marketing strategy across international borders. 

Translating well can make your brand stand out in another country. 

Meanwhile, poor translations will jeopardise your brand and break your launch in your target market. 

Today, we’ll be looking at how you can level up your marketing content through translation. 

We’ll show you how to translate advertising and marketing copy for effective launches in a foreign market. And, we’ll be giving examples of brands when their marketing messages worked (with a great ROI!) and when they didn’t. 

What Goes Into Marketing Messages?

Before we translate marketing messages, we must first understand what these marketing messages are and how they can further the company. 

A marketing message is any media that help influence customers to generate demand and build brand awareness that may eventually lead to sales.

In a foreign market, marketing messages are the first thing the target consumers of that market will know of your brand, written …

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