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The Future of Web Design & Development Gigs [Video]

The Future of Web Design & Development Gigs

As more and more businesses have moved online in the past year, there has been a growing need for website design and development.

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Our survey shows 95% of designers and developers believe their careers are lucrative and secure.

And for those looking to start a new side hustle or try a new career path while times are uncertain, starting a career in web design and development could be a viable option. Some of the perks include the ability to work remotely (61%), the creative aspects (54%), the work environment (47%) and the pay (45%).

One of the main objectives at GoDaddy is helping website designers and developers at every stage of their journey.


Made for website designers and developers, the Hub makes it easy to maintain multiple sites with updates, backups, security scans and performance checks:


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How to add Link for faster checkout with Stripe [Video]

In this episode, you'll learn how to accept payments with the Link payment method in the US. Link is a reusable payment method with immediate notification. Using Link, you can offer a frictionless checkout experience to every new customer. Customers have Link accounts where they store their billing information (email, addresses, and so on) and payment details (cards, bank accounts, and so on).When a customer visits a new business that accepts Link, they only need to authenticate using an SMS code. Link with Stripe is the new solution that we recommend instead of the legacy "remember me" feature.If you'd like to integrate Link with Stripe and join the private beta, please email ### PresenterCJ Avilla - Developer Advocate at Stripe - ResourcesDocumentation: ### SupportIf you have a question, please feel free to reach out to our support team at or on Discord at ### UpdatesSign up to stay updated with developer news: ### FeedbackIf you have any feedback about this or other episodes, let us know: