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The Evolution of Glass and Smart Home Automation in Luxury Residences [Video]

The History of Technology and Glass in Luxury Homes

The term “smart home” is becoming more and more of a buzzword as home technology is incorporated into the construction of luxury homes, providing comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency. Also called “smart home automation,” it describes a residence whose lighting, heating and air conditioning, appliances, entertainment systems, computers and security systems can digitally interact and be controlled remotely from any room in the house or via a smartphone or the internet. It has gained in popularity in the past twenty years, allowing homeowners to save energy and enjoy the ease and convenience of controlling their lighting, HVAC systems and window coverings with a fully integrated system.

Smart glass is one of the latest innovative technologies to take the luxury residential market by storm. Smart glass changes from transparent to varying degrees of opaque on demand. With a sleek and modern design, smart glass windows, skylights, blinds and window shades help keep homes …

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