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The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel [Video]

The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Starting a YouTube Channel

​@Nick Nimmin is one of the key people who’s helped me take my channel to the next level in 2020, so I asked him to come on the channel to teach you guys everything you need to know to grow your business with YouTube.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Why start a YouTube channel for your business?
1:48 What it’s going to cost you?
3:04 How YouTube can help your bottom line?
5:07 Finding your ideal customers on YouTube
7:33 Building your brand on YouTube
9:14 How to Generate Leads on YouTube?
14:04 Mistakes that businesses make on YouTube
16:44 What metrics should you track on YouTube?
17:29 Bonus Tip #1
18:33 Bonus Tip #2
20:13 Check out Nick’s YouTube channel for more YouTube tips!

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Engagement, Ideal Clients, and Hashtags | Ask Me Anything [Video]

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